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Frequently Asked Questions

Knowledge is power and it really depends on what you want in your home. We have an estimating process that is made simple for the client by a series of questions to determine all of the finishes and scope of your home. This provides up front pricing guidance to avoid the feeling of the “bait and switch”

Industry standard is 2-3 times a week. We require our project managers as a matter of policy and with rare exception to visit the site every day work is ongoing during the building of your home.

River Hills Homes started building custom homes in the and around the Texas Hill Country in 2007 and have built continuously ever since.

We believe that efficiency upgrades should either pay for themselves or contribute to the overall function of the home. Many of our homes include spray foam insulation, solar panels, and highly efficient HVAC, water heaters, and windows however we find that efficient design can play an even more significant role than these various technologies. We are happy to help with a wholistic approach to achieve meaningful results.

While you probably don’t want to hire us to build a doghouse, we really don’t have any limitations. Our homes have ranged from 1,000 sq ft “casitas” to approaching 20,000 sq ft.

Most of our homes are built between north San Antonio and West Austin including New Braunfels, Marble Falls and everything in between.

We build many of our homes in the most stringent POAs in the hill country.

We strive to never be tied to any one style. We relish the opportunity to build something unique that blends with it’s enviroment, stays true to is architectural language and provides the curb appeal that great architecture can lend to the equity of the home as well as the enjoyability of the experience of returning home. Every custom home is a prototype and unique to each client and we do not employ a one size fits all or cookie cutter approach to any project.

While the average amount of time is 9-10 months, it really depends on the complexity of the home and the amount of changes that occur during construction. We won’t discourage change orders because we are dedicated to true custom work but we are realistic about the time added by changes. We always provide realistic estimates that are grounded in extensive experience with the local trade base.

Transparency. We show our clients every document we have for their build. Our accounting is separate for every home with dedicated bank accounts and our clients get to see the bank statements. They know that every dollar is spent on their home and no one else’s.

Communication is paramount in custom construction. With the influx of people moving to the area, we utilize web based management software that can be accessed from anywhere to keep communication and documentation open and continuous throughout the process.

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